The European Cardiovascular Research Institute (ECRI) was founded in 2012 as a European collaborative effort to perform investigator-initiated studies in the field of cardiology. ECRI provides a structure facilitating the design and conduct of clinical trials according to ICH/GCP/ISO guidelines and standards. This unique initiative between thought leaders in the field of cardiology and Cardialysis, with its expertise in the field, creates an opportunity for multicenter, multinational investigator-initiated studies. Several multicenter randomized clinical trials with ECRI acting as trial sponsor are currently being conducted by means of scientific grants form leading industries.


In the current clinical development environment there is less funding available for clinical research. On top of that regulatory requirements and company standard operating procedures make clinical trials expensive to execute. As a result single companies may not be able to afford studies on treatment strategies, and many interesting study ideas from individual Investigators will not be funded due to budget limitations. With that current clinical environment in mind the European Cardiovascular Research Institute (ECRI) was established to act as intermediate between academic thought leaders and supporting industry. ECRI is a collaborative effort between Investigators and Cardialysis; ECRI takes the role as sponsor for Investigator Sponsored Studies and controls the clinical research project(s).


ECRI is a non-profit institute that brings together top clinical researchers and supporting industry in order to perform clinical studies that improve cardiovascular health care and to perform these clinical studies according to international regulations and within pre-defined budgets and timelines.