The European Cardiovascular Research Institute is a European focused collaborative effort. Consequently, the studies have the majority of investigators and sites in Europe. Exceptions are the GLOBAL LEADERS and MASTER DAPT studies that have sites in the Middle East, South and Middle America, Canada and Australasia next to having sites involved in Europe.

One of the strengths of ECRI is its large network of investigators and sites. This provides a unique advantage of quick site selection and a large pool of potential patients ensuring fast but realistic patient enrolment times.

Furthermore, the involvement of Leaders in the field of Cardiology and experienced clinical trial project managers provide insight in unique aspects per site for therapeutic area and quality of provided clinical data and images.

Countries that are currently enrolling patients for ECRI studies:

Austria - Argentina - Australia - Bangladesh - Belgium - Brazil - Bulgaria - Canada - Czech Republic - Denmark - Estonia - France - Germany - Hong-Kong - Hungary - India - Israel - Italy - Kazakhstan - Kingdom of Bahrain - Luxemburg - Macedonia - Mexico - Netherlands - Poland - Portugal - Romania - Saudi Arabia - Serbia - Singapore - Slovenia - South Korea - Spain - Sweden - Switzerland - Taiwan - United Kingdom - Vietnam