Patient Enrolment

The ABSORB STEMI TROFI II trial included 8 sites in 4 countries, and were distributed as follows: Spain (3 sites), Denmark (2 sites), Netherlands (2 sites), and Switzerland (1 site).

The first patient was enrolled on January 6th 2014 at Odense University Hospital, Odense, Denmark, with Dr. Lisette Okkels being the site Principal Investigator. Enrolment of all participants, amounting to 191 was achieved on September 21st 2014 at Hospital Meixoeiro, Vigo, Spain, with Dr. Andrés Iñiguez being the site Principal Investigator. The achieved rate of enrolment was 2.4 patients/site/month.

Enrolment per country was distributed as follows: United Kingdom: Spain: 110 participants, Denmark: 47 participants, The Netherlands: 21 participants, and Switzerland: 13 participants.

The top 3 enrolling sites in the ABSORB STEMI TROFI II trial were:

  1. Hospital Meixoeiro, Vigo, Spain, Dr. Andrés Iñiguez
  2. Odense University Hospital, Odense, Denmark, Dr. Lisette Okkels
  3. Hospital Universitari de Bellvigte, Barcelona, Spain, Dr. Angel Cequier Fillat