SYNTAX II - References




Vasim Farooq, David van Klaveren, Ewout W Steyerberg, Emanuele Meliga, Yvonne Vergouwe, Alaide Chieff o, Arie Pieter Kappetein, Antonio Colombo, David R Holmes Jr, Michael Mack, Ted Feldman, Marie-Claude Morice, Elisabeth Ståhle, Yoshinobu Onuma; Marie-angèle Morel, Hector M Garcia-Garcia, Gerrit Anne van Es, Keith D Dawkins, Friedrich W Mohr, Patrick W Serruys

Anatomical and clinical characteristics to guide decision making between coronary artery bypass surgery and percutaneous coronary intervention for individual patients: development and validation of SYNTAX score II.

Lancet 2013; 381: 639–50


Live case SYNTAX II trial performed by Prof. Banning and local study team at Oxford University Hospital (United Kingdom)